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Cibitex easyCOAT/DRY Textile Pre-Coating Unit
Cibitex easyCOAT/DRY Textile Pre-Coating Unit

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Available in three widths:
Model 2000: 1,800 mm
Model 2600: 2,400 mm
Model 3500: 3,300 mm

easyCOAT/DRY is the multifunctional platform that meets the needs of industrial pre and post-processing of digital textile professionals. Cibitex has worked closely with textile industries to design easyCOAT/DRY. The system combines the compactness required by inkjet printers with the effectiveness of an industrial production system based on traditional impregnation and drying with stenter. In just few meters, the machine contains the most sophisticated feeding and tension control systems.

Direct Supply of Fluids from Tank
Like industrial inkjet printers, easyCOAT/DRY introduces a simple and clean production flow. For this reason the machine is equipped with pumping system connected directly from the tank, with automatic feeding of the soaking basin. At the end of the process the remaining fluid in the basin can be pumped back into the tank, in order to reduce waste to virtually zero, as well as speed up the replacement of the fluid for the next processing.

Fabric Unwinding Unit
easyCOAT/DRY is provided with motorized beam for managing fabrics reels with diameter up to 300 mm (increasable with Jumbo option) equipped with an optical recognition system of diameter connected to machine’s software, which optimizes the rotation speed according to the required fabric tension.

Fabric Tension Optimized with Load Cells
In order to ensure the compactness of the machine and the maximum response speed of the system to variations of fabric tension, easyCOAT/DRY has been equipped with a load cell system to replace the traditional dancers. The machine can thus detect the pull in every single phase of the process, by automatically adjusting the motor speed and providing an optimal tension to guarantee an excellent stability of the fabric.

Soaking and Squeezing
Fabric impregnation remains the most popular method to pre-treat the fabric in the textile industry because it ensures that every part of the fiber receives an adequate amount of pre-treatment, favoring the adhesion of the colorant. easyCOAT/DRY then makes a homogeneous and adjustable squeezing according to the parameters of each single operation, allowing to deposit on the fabric only the amount of fluid required and thus obtaining the maximum quality and colour uniformity in the printing phase.

Pre-Drying Unit
easyCOAT/DRY is provided with a pre-drying system which finds its principal use in the pre-treatment processes. Compared to technologies based on IR lamps, this exclusive system allows to remove from the fabric the water and the fluid in excess before the final drying, ensuring greater effectiveness of the treatment, increasing the productivity of the system and preserving the integrity of the fabric and the printed image.

Highly-Efficient Drying and Fixation Unit
Getting the complete drying and the best performance of pre-treatment without stressing the fabric or affect productivity: this was the challenge posed by textile printers to the Cibitex engineers. For this reason, the drying and fixation unit, the heart of easyCOAT/DRY, is based on a highlyefficient system of teflon-coated cylinders, allowing to operate at high linear speed with temperatures up to 200° C.

Winding Unit with Automatic Alignment
The sophisticated rewinding system of easyCOAT/DRY is equipped with an automatic centering system with an optical recognition system, which realigns transversely in real-time the motorized carriage on which the rewinder is installed. On top of this unit is added a widener roller for knitted fabrics that allows the personalized management of the roll winding tension, which help to optimize the reel of fabric for the next processing. The output unit is equipped with a wooden control table and a cross-cutting system mounted on a guide (optional)