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So what are some of the advantages of DTF technology versus DTG printing?

  1. No pretreating of garments is required, and no messy mixing of the pretreat solution like DTG.
  2. No clogged DTG pretreatment machine or daily clean up of pretreatment machine.
  3. No pretreatment or the pretreatment "ring / staining".
  4. Adheres well on most substrates: Cotton, Polyester, Nylon, Poly Blends, Leather, Rayon, Hemp, almost any fabric. - even sanded wood.
  5. Can adhere to garments at lower temperatures... as low as 225 degrees depending upon the material and press times.
  6. Should a print error occur, it is only on transfer media and not on the garment.
  7. Contractors won't mess up customer's garments and then have to replace them.
  8. Prints can be saved to transfer later (over a year).
  9. Cost is +/- 65% less to print with white ink on dark garment vs Brother GTX with OEM ink and other DTG systems
  10. Transfers will adhere to curved shapes with iron (allows for transfer on ball caps, leather goods, etc).
  11. Tag/labeling applications done easily and without damaging already constructed garments.
  12. Cost of about $0.85 per fully printed 12" x 12" section of film.
  13. Superior all around color gamut than DTG
  14. Capable of producing smaller print and the details within an image than with DTG
  15. The only consumables consist of: Adhesive Powder, CMYK+W Ink, Transfer Film / Media
  16. Print speed of about 55 linear feet per hour ....
  17. Arcus DTF has an automatic full white ink recirculation system and periodic white ink agitation, as well as wet mode for safe shutdown