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IMEX Desktop Dye Sublimation

     A revolution in dye sub technology.  The IMEX A4 Laser Printer is a toner based dye sub printer that simplifies sublimation.  The IMEX 4, using toner inks like those found in common office printers, dramatically reduces maintenance and downtime to near ZERO, while maintaining the abilities of a much costlier and labor intensive inkjet dye sub printer! It brings efficiency and consistency to the process on a wide range of textile or hard surface polyester based applications. The IMEX prints at near unheard of speeds vs. an inkjet printer, achieving up to 22 prints per minute and the ability to use standard 75g printer paper removes the need for special transfer medias. Unlike Inkjet-based solutions, the very low level of maintenance and downtime provides a rapid return on investment particularly in production-led environments.          >>SHOP IMEX DESKTOP PRINTER<<